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Community partnerships

Elanora State School is proud to have a Chaplaincy program that has been serving our school community for almost 5 years. It is a government run program that provides 3 key areas of support for students, families and staff:

  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

This program is headed by our Chaplain, Doug Milton, or Chappy Doug, as he is lovingly known.  He is employed 4 days a week (Tuesday to Friday) and his office is located in the heart of the school at the TLC (Targeted Learning Centre.)  Chappy Doug can be contacted by telephoning the main office.

One of our school priorities is to enhance the social and emotional wellbeing of students by developing, nurturing and extending community relationships.   Sometimes students can find themselves struggling with things like confusing relationships, peer pressure, self-esteem issues, family breakdown, depression, bullying and abuse.  Our Chaplain is on hand to support students facing such issues and he collaborates with the Student Support Welfare Team, including the Guidance Officer, to deliver assistance where needed.

There is a great partnership between the school Chaplaincy Committee and its local supporters such as local churches, businesses and community organisations.  Our Chaplaincy program assists and supports families in need at times of crisis. 

As usual, we boast an amazing number of people who volunteer their time every year to help out in fundraising and chaplaincy events at the school.

Getting to know our chaplain: 

  • Chappy Doug was born and raised on the Gold Coast and lives at Tugun;  
  • He feels a strong connection to our community because he is a family man with 4 children – 3 of whom attend Elanora State School; 
  • Doug is a keen surfer and soccer player; 
  • He has worked in a local church over the last 20 years as a kids’ pastor and music pastor;
  • In his previous career Chappy Doug was a full-time musician, playing guitar, drums and singing; 
  • Anyone who knows Doug will definitely agree with his statement that he enjoys acting


The last word from our chaplain: 

“To those of you who have not met me, I understand that you probably visualise me as being an old, serious man.  That’s not me – check out the photo of me on this page.  As School Chaplain, I provide a listening ear and caring presence for students and families doing it tough. Throughout the year, I work alongside many students facing an array of hard situations, things like family breakdowns and friendship issues. My role, and one I am most proud to do, is to support our students.   As a school community, we care about them and want to support them through not only their education, but their social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I also run positive and fun activities for children within the school and I foster a supportive and caring school community.” 








Kids Hope Program


KIDS HOPE AUS mentors are the heart and soul of this life changing program. All of our mentors are volunteers from Elanora Uniting Church with a generous willingness to invest one hour of their week into the life of a child at our school who needs some extra support from a caring, mature adult. 

Caring relationships with mentors have a significant impact on children because they help to meet their emotional and social development needs and enhance their capacity to learn. Children who have been mentored by KIDS HOPE AUS have consistently shown increased self-esteem, confidence and resilience.​​ 



Elanora State School and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary-: A Local Partnership

“Education for sustainable development is a lifewide and lifelong endeavour which challenges individuals, institutions and societies to view tomorrow as a day that belongs to all of us, or it will not belong to anyone.” (United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005–2014).
Actions for improving sustainability often involve collective endeavours, and Elanora State School prides itself on its working relationship with Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. We were the first school to sign up to their “Green Guardian” program. This partnership has resulted in Elanora students annually fundraising for the Sanctuary and its associated Wildlife Hospital. In 2017 funds raised will be directed towards the planting of eucalyptus trees to support our endangered koala population in South East Queensland.
The Education staff at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary have actively supported our annual Students’ Science Conference and Showcase for numerous years. The conferences focus on a sustainability theme and students present their learning to the school community in a Showcase Day. The 2017 theme is ‘Let’s Think Locally’, with students taking part in workshops at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary focusing on koalas, frogs and birds of the Gold Coast.
Together, Elanora State School and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary staff are proactive in the promotion of lifelong learning with our students.  We actively strive to ignite our students’ passion for their environment and interest in sustainability issues that will impact upon future generations.