Elanora State Primary School opened on 24 January 1983 with an enrolment of approximately 200 students from year 1 - 7. Eight teachers, two teacher aides, one janitor/grounds man and two cleaners were appointed for the first year under the guidance of founding principal, Mr Jim Horton, who set the path for the development of this great school. 

The original school buildings were far fewer than exists today and consisted of only two classroom blocks, one single storey and one double storey, a library, an administration building, an amenities/ storeroom block, a tuck-shop and a covered eating/assembly area.

No school uniform was chosen for Elanora until later in 1983 when the original brown and champagne coloured uniform was adopted. The current uniform of green was introduced in 1993 with the check fabric used in some items of the current girl's uniform being the only original feature remaining. In 2010, the P&C uniform committee commenced the process of updating the school uniform. The girl's dress and blouse are now a green check, and the polo shirt, which is worn by both boys and girls, has been modernised. The polo now has contrasting white and green panels.

Since opening in 1983, Elanora has had 3 permanent principals, with others appointed in an acting capacity at different times. Mr Jim Horton was principal from 1983 - 1987, Mr Cec Smith was appointed principal from 1989 - 1993 and our longest serving principal, Mr Michael Kelly commenced at Elanora in 1994.

In 2011 we proudly welcomed Mrs Tricia Neate as Principal of Elanora State School. Our current Principal, Mrs Toni Robinson commenced in 2018.

School Motto and Crest 

Early in 1983, a competition was held among the older children to draw a school crest and think of a motto. No individual entry was selected, but the suggestions of Tony Brown, Shaani Gough, Prue Gough and Michelle Roxburgh were combined and after several "prototypes" were considered, the current design was chosen by the principal.
·         Our school is located close to the sea and the forest, hence the sun rising over the water and the trees.
·         The rising sun indicates something beginning, an awakening. In this case- formal learning.
·         There are seven rays to the sun, each a greater length than the preceding one. These represent the seven years of primary schooling and the increasing age of the children.
·         The pine trees are symbolic of the area. Three were chosen when the school opened in 1983.


The Elanora State School motto is 'Excellence and Honour'.

Excellence - Our goal is to inspire our students to achieve excellence in all areas including academic, sporting and personal pursuits.
Honour - Our goal is to develop our students’ sense of pride, honesty, self-esteem, independence and respect for themselves and others.
The motto is placed in a stylised boomerang. "Elanora" is an indigenous word meaning camp by the sea, and the boomerang recognises the origin of our name.
Last reviewed 10 August 2022
Last updated 10 August 2022