Bring Your Own Device


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​Bring Your Own Device

​What is BYOD?

BYOD stands for "Bring Your Own Device". Students are able to bring their own personal device to use at school instead of school owned devices. The device will be connected to the school network so that the student is able to access Education Queensland Network.

Who can join the BYOD Program?

​In 2023 we strongly encourage all student from Year 1 to Year 6 to have their own iPad to enhance their learning journey through primary school. 

Why join the  BYOD Program?​

​Students who participate in the BYOD program are able  to bring their own device to school to support their learning. 

  • The iPad is a lightweight, economical and interactive learning tool which offers a mobile learning experience.
  • At Elanora you will see students highly engaged in their learning, using their own device in class, and in other subjects such as ​STEM and The Arts.
  • Students are able to take ownership of their learning when they have their own iPad, seamlessly taking learning from school to the home environment.  Even the younger students have demonstrated the capacity to look after their device carefully and have it  ready and charged each day.
  • The versatile iPad assists students at Elanora to regularly upload their work and receive feedback on Seesaw, demonstrate their learning using Book Creator, record oral presentations and make iMovies.
  • Student who have their own iPad are easily able to access different types of learning, obtain feedback from their teachers and peers, and complete assessable tasks in new and engaging ways.
  • iPads are a way to develop critical and creative learners so they have access to all the tools necessary for learning, whilst also valuing and engaging our learners into deep thinking, problem solving and solution focus real world activities.
  • iPad allow student to embrace the digital age as a foundation of their education and develops their technology knowledge to become intuitive, setting them up for a life where digital fluency will be core to their career and other areas of their lives.

Requirements and Technical Specifications for ​​​2023


Recommended iPad 

iPad 9th Gen or 10th Gen 64 gb​​

Supported iPads

​iPad 6th Gen, 7th Gen and 8th Gen 

iPad Air 2 and above and iPad Pro

Please Note:

  • iPad with SIM installed and iPad minis will not be accepted into the program.
  • Android devices are not compatible with the Intune Company Portal.
  • iPad with cracked screens will not be accepted.​​


STEP 1: Purchase your device

The BYOD parent portals (listed on this page) are offered as a convenient way in which to purchase your device, accidental damage cover, extended warranty and accessories. Elanora State School does not endorse nor recommend any particular supplier of IT equipment or accessories. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to compare prices and services from multiple retailers so that they are satisfied that the items on offer represent quality, value for money and meet their needs. Any purchase transactions conducted via the portals are a private matter between the purchaser and supplier.


JB HIFi BYOD Information (PDF, 2426KB).pdf
JB HIFI Product Portal link​

JB HIFI School Code: ESSBYOD2023


The School Locker.JPG

The School Locker Information  (PDF,200KB).pdf

The School Locker Product Portal Link​

Harvey Norman Burleigh Waters Information (PDF​,200KB)
Harvey Norman  BYOD Portal​

STEP 2: Create a student apple id

Create a student apple id using family sharing. Instructions are found on the side links.

All students must have their own Child Apple ID, this is setup through Family Sharing.  Family Sharing makes it easy for up to six people in your family to share Apps and Books.  Parents have control over content that is on their child's iPad.  Parents are prompted with app requests from their children.

Install the Intune Company Portal Appintune.png

STEP 3: Enrol your device with Microsoft Intune

Enrolling your child's device into Microsoft Intune, will mean your child will be able to:

  • access the school Wi-Fi network and have school email automatically set up and configured
  • access Elanora State School  list of selected apps for school use in one easy location
  • self-mange their device
  • You will need the following 
  1. The Students'  School MIS and Username + Password
  2. Your Students' School email address (e.g
  3. Your iPad
  4. Home Wi-Fi
  5. Your iPad Passcode (used to unlock you iPad)
  6. The iPad is signed in with students' Apple ID​

Intune guide.png

If you know your School MIS Username and Password and have all the ​above mentioned items available, please watch the Enrolment Video from the below QR Code, simply open the Camera App on your phone or iPad and hover over the QR Code. A website link will be available for you to click on.

STEP 4: Bring your device to school

Ask your student to visit the IT Department located in the library to have your device checked to ensure it meets the minimum requirements for BYOD.             

A BYOD Application Form will then be given to the student with their MIS ID and Password for you to sign and return. If you have any questions regarding this please contact the  BYOD team at 

Alternatively you able to download it ​ BYOD  Application Form​​

STEP 5: Connecting your device

Once a completed form has been returned. The BYOD team will then finalize the BYOD process and connect the device to the school network.

Windows Device

Step 1: Bring your device to school

Ask your student to visit the IT Department located in the library to have the device checked to ensure it meets the minimum requirements for BYOD. A BYOD Application Form will then be given to the student with their MIS ID and Password for you to sign and return. If you have and questions regarding this please contact the BYOD team at 

Step 2: Enrol your device

Devices can now be enrolled at home. All you need to know is your students school MIS ID username and password. 

Below are step by step videos provided by Education Queensland that will show you how to connect your device to Microsoft Intune

Windows 10 enrolling with Intune Company Portal​

PDF scripts for these videos can be found under the Intune Guides.

Please follow the simple steps and connect your BYOD device.

Intune is only available  on the Window platform for Windows 10 if your devices is not on Windows 10 please upgrade. This can be check by searching for System Information.

Instructions for Microsoft Office Package

The Microsoft Office Suite can be downloaded by all students onto their personal devices free of charge.
Personal devices include devices in the students home environment as well as mobile devices.
In order for students to take advantage of this offer, students will require an active student login and school email account.
Download Process:
The initial login page requires a student email address and password with the following authentication page only requiring the MIS username e.g. (js​prat1) and password. If your student does not their MIS username please contact the BYOD Team 
Last reviewed 14 February 2023
Last updated 14 February 2023