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Rules and policies

As a whole school we strive to be a positive community, based on respectful relationships, a sense of belonging and inclusion. To this end, our students are actively engaged in learning that promotes their development as confident, persistent, resilient, organised everyday leaders with the ability to maintain strong respectful relationships. We recognise that parents and carers are the most important and influential people in children’s lives and as such, we promote parents/carers and teachers working together to support children.

a)  Keep hands, feet and other objects to   yourself
b)  Move and play safely 
Acknowledge and respect the personal space of self and others
Follow school rules and routines
Move safely through the school environment
Resolve conflict without violence
Use equipment safely
Accept responsibility for own behaviour
Learn from mistakes and losses
a)  Be respectful
b)  Treat others the way you want to be treated 
Respect self and treat others as you want to be treated
Be respectful when challenged, win or lose
Encourage others to be respectful and make good choices
Be proud of achievements
Respect others’ right to learn
Respect the belongings of self and others
Be courteous and polite in all online and face to face communications
Respect others’ right to use online resources free from interference or bullying
R3 RELATIONSHIPS (Social and Learning)
a)  Strive to do/be your best
b)  Strive to achieve excellence and honour​

Demonstrate an awareness of the rights and feelings of others
Demonstrate effort and commitment to school activities
Contribute to the greater good
Serve and support others both inside and outside of the school community
Be a good listener
Care for the environment

R4  Do what’s RIGHT
a)  Make good choices – even when no one is looking
b)  Act and think with integrity
Set a high standard for your behaviour and stick to it, even in difficult situations
Be honest
Problem solve and resolve conflict in peaceful ways
Be an honourable bystander
Report bullying/harassment incidents immediately
Follow instructions given by supervisors


Uniforms and dress

Elanora is a uniform school in accordance with the decision made by the school community as a whole.

  • All students are required to wear their uniform correctly and are encouraged to take pride in their appearance and keep their uniform neat and tidy.

  • Hair should be neat and tidy and in a style appropriate to school. Ribbons or scrunchies should be in the school colours of green or white.

  • Jewellery: students may wear a watch, signet ring, identification and medical bracelets.

  • Students with pierced ears may wear gold or silver studs or sleepers. Any facial studs must not be worn. For sport, only studs should be worn.

  • A school uniform helps in achieving the school's identity, tone, cohesion, pride and spirit.

  • Makeup and coloured fingernail polish are not appropriate.

  • The school hat, which can only be purchased at the Elanora State School uniform shop is the only hat that may be worn by students.

  • Students must wear black shoes with black soles, and white socks.