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SIU - Elanora State School - Additional Executive Summary - 2016.pdf2016 Executive SummarySIU - Elanora State School - Additional Executive Summary - 2016328 KB
2017 Student Wellbeing Handbook.pdf2017 Student Wellbeing Handbook2017 Student Wellbeing Handbook3492 KB
2018 Parent Handbook.pdf2018 Parent Handbook2018 Parent Handbook556 KB
2018 Prep Parents Booklist.pdf2018 Prep Parents Booklist2018 Prep Parents Booklist92 KB
2018 Year 1 Parents Booklist.pdf2018 Year 1 Parents Booklist2018 Year 1 Parents Booklist95 KB
2018 Year 2 Parents Booklist.pdf2018 Year 2 Parents Booklist2018 Year 2 Parents Booklist95 KB
2018 Year 3 Parents Booklist.pdf2018 Year 3 Parents Booklist2018 Year 3 Parents Booklist94 KB
2018 Year 4 Parents Booklist.pdf2018 Year 4 Parents Booklist2018 Year 4 Parents Booklist91 KB
2018 Year 5 Parents Booklist.pdf2018 Year 5 Parents Booklist2018 Year 5 Parents Booklist122 KB
2018 Year 6 Parents Booklist.pdf2018 Year 6 Parents Booklist2018 Year 6 Parents Booklist95 KB
30 nexUS.pdf30 nexUS30 nexUS2609 KB
32 nexUS.pdf32 nexUS32 nexUS1886 KB
audit-report.pdfAudit reportaudit-report225 KB
FAQ BYOD 18 V2 (002).pdfBYOD 18 Frequently Asked Questions FAQ BYOD 18 V2 (002)414 KB
BYOD- 2018-Participation-and-Connectivity-Request-Form.pdfBYOD 2018 Participation and Connectivity Request FormBYOD- 2018-Participation-and-Connectivity-Request-Form395 KB
BYOD Student Charter  2018.pdfBYOD Student Charter  2018BYOD Student Charter 2018834 KB
Elanora State School History.pdfElanora State School HistoryElanora State School History455 KB
Enrolment Form.pdfEnrolment FormEnrolment Form3097 KB
Enrolment-form-part-3-consent.pdfEnrolment Form Part 3 ConsentEnrolment-form-part-3-consent147 KB
Handbook BYOD-Year-4-5-and-6-2018.pdfHandbook BYOD-Year-4-5-and-6-2018Handbook BYOD-Year-4-5-and-6-2018602 KB
I4S Agreement for 2017.pdfI4S Agreement for 2017I4S Agreement for 2017209 KB
I4S Agreement for 2018.pdfI4S Agreement for 2018I4S Agreement for 2018New54 KB
I4S Report 2016.pdfI4S Report 2016I4S Report 2016251 KB
I4S Snapshot Report 2017.pdfI4S Snapshot Report 2017I4S Snapshot Report 2017373 KB
insight-helping-children-who-struggle-with-learning.pdfinsights-helping-children-who-struggleinsight-helping-children-who-struggle-with-learning330 KB
26 nexUS.pdfIssue 26 nexUS26 nexUS1396 KB
27 nexUS.pdfIssue 27 nexUS27 nexUS2271 KB
28 nexUS.pdfIssue 28 nexUS28 nexUS1814 KB
31 nexUS.pdfIssue 31 nexUS31 nexUS1710 KB
33 nexUS.pdfIssue 33 nexUS Newsletter33 nexUS1334 KB
L2S Overview Everyday Leaders YCDI Team and Blockers.pdfLead to Succeed OverviewL2S Overview Everyday Leaders YCDI Team and Blockers978 KB
NAPLAN 2017 summary.pdfNAPLAN 2017NAPLAN 2017 summary243 KB
29 nexUS.pdfnexUS issue 29 - February 201729 nexUS2145 KB
Online Awareness (003).pdfOnline Awareness (003)Online Awareness (003)4504 KB
Parent insight-exposing-kids-to-challenges-helps-prevent-anxiety-in-later-life.pdfParent insight-exposing-kids-to-challenges-helps-prevent-anxiety-in-later-lifeParent insight-exposing-kids-to-challenges-helps-prevent-anxiety-in-later-life330 KB
Parenting Insights Issue 3 for 2018.pdfParenting Insights Issue 3 for 2018Parenting Insights Issue 3 for 2018314 KB
PC Executive list 2017.pdfPC Executive list 2017PC Executive list 2017120 KB
permissions.pdfPermissionspermissions42 KB
Term 3 PREP.pdfPREP 2017 Overview Term 3Term 3 PREP463 KB
INFORMATION FLIER 2018.pdfPrep Information Flier 2018INFORMATION FLIER 2018431 KB
Prep T4 Parent Overview final.pdfPrep T4 Parent Overview finalPrep T4 Parent Overview final498 KB
Prep Term 1 Overview 2018.pdfPrep Term 1 Parent Overview 2018Prep Term 1 Overview 2018647 KB
DET-DV-ELANORA-Respectful Relationships-Edit02-SD.mp4Respectful RelationshipsDET-DV-ELANORA-Respectful Relationships-Edit02-SD14776 KB
Responsible Bahaviour Plan for Students SIGNED.pdfResponsible Bahaviour Plan for Students SIGNEDResponsible Bahaviour Plan for Students SIGNED18074 KB
Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students SIGNED.pdfResponsible Behaviour Plan for StudentsResponsible Behaviour Plan for Students SIGNED18074 KB
Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students.pdfResponsible Behaviour Plan for StudentsResponsible Behaviour Plan for Students18077 KB
RESULTS OF U2B Comparing School to State in Years 3 and 5 FINAL RESULTSdocx.pdfRESULTS OF U2BRESULTS OF U2B Comparing School to State in Years 3 and 5 FINAL RESULTSdocx219 KB
school-discipline-plan.pdfSchool discipline planschool-discipline-plan973 KB
school-dress-policy.pdfSchool dress policyschool-dress-policy34 KB
Priorities for 2018_Poster.pdfSchool Priorities for 2018Priorities for 2018_Poster436 KB
Sponsorship  2018.pdfSponsorship 2018Sponsorship 2018New546 KB
Staff Email Directory.pdfStaff Email DirectoryStaff Email Directory356 KB
Enrolment Application Form.pdfStudent Enrolment FormEnrolment Application Form1886 KB
Student Leaders Application copy_2018.pdfStudent Leaders Application copy_2018Student Leaders Application copy_20181306 KB
New Uniform Price List 2017.pdfUnform Shop Order FormNew Uniform Price List 2017279 KB
YCDI Team and Blocker Overview.pdfYCDI Team and Blocker OverviewYCDI Team and Blocker Overview380 KB
Year 1 T4 Parent Overview final.pdfYear 1 T4 Parent Overview finalYear 1 T4 Parent Overview final563 KB
Year 1 Term 1 Overview 2018.pdfYear 1 Term 1 Parent Overview 2018Year 1 Term 1 Overview 2018650 KB
Year 2 T4 Parent Overview final.pdfYear 2 T4 Parent Overview finalYear 2 T4 Parent Overview final421 KB
Year 2 Term 1 Overview 2018.pdfYear 2 Term 1 Parent Overview 2018Year 2 Term 1 Overview 2018661 KB
Year 3 T4 Parent Overview final.pdfYear 3 T4 Parent Overview finalYear 3 T4 Parent Overview final420 KB
Year 3 Term 1 Overview 2018.pdfYear 3 Term 1 Parent Overview 2018Year 3 Term 1 Overview 2018653 KB
Year 4 T4 Parent Overview final.pdfYear 4 T4 Parent Overview finalYear 4 T4 Parent Overview final424 KB
Year 4 Term 1 Overview 2018.pdfYear 4 Term 1 Parent Overview 2018Year 4 Term 1 Overview 2018552 KB
Year 5 T4 Parent Overview final.pdfYear 5 T4 Parent Overview finalYear 5 T4 Parent Overview final427 KB
Year 5 Term 1 Overview 2018.pdfYEar 5 Term 1 Parent Overview 2018Year 5 Term 1 Overview 2018686 KB
Year 6 T4 Parent Overview final.pdfYear 6 T4 Parent Overview finalYear 6 T4 Parent Overview final360 KB
Year 6 Term 1 Overview 2018.pdfYear 6 Term 1 Parent Overview 2018Year 6 Term 1 Overview 2018581 KB