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​Social, Emotional and Values Education


Elanora State School believes that developing the whole child is paramount and we aim to build a positive culture that places wellbeing and values at the core of education.  Social, Emotional and Values Education play an important role in teaching the skills of wellbeing, promoting positive health and character strengths that enable students to fulfil their purpose in life as everyday leaders. 

Elanora State School is committed to cultivating a culture of everyday leadership. Our Lead ​to Succeed program embodies the spirit and underlying philosophy of Stephen Covey’s Principles as well as Michael Bernard’s Habits of the Mind and Positive Psychology.  As a whole school we strive to be a positive community, based on respectful relationships, a sense of belonging and inclusion. To this end, our students are actively engaged in learning that promotes their development as confident, persistent, resilient, organised everyday leaders with the ability to maintain strong respectful relationships.

We recognise that parents and carers are the most important and influential people in children’s lives and as such, we promote parents/carers and teachers working together to support children.

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​​​​Chaplain Rob Gree​nwood

The Chaplaincy Program

 Elanora State School is proud to have a Chaplaincy program that has been serving our school community for a number of years.  It is a government run program that provides 3 key areas of support for students, families and staff:
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
This program is headed by our Chaplain, Rob Greenwood, (Mr Rob or Chappy Rob), as he is lovingly known.  He is employed 3 days a week (Tuesday, Wednesdays and Fridays) and his office is located in the heart of the school at the W.B.H  (Wellbeing Hubb.)  Mr. Rob can be contacted by telephoning the main office.

One of our school priorities is to enhance the social and emotional wellbeing of students by developing, nurturing and extending community relationships.

Sometimes students can find themselves struggling​ with things like confusing relationships, peer pressure, self-esteem issues, family  breakdown, depression, bullying and abuse.  Our Chaplain is on hand to support students facing such issues and he collaborates with the Student Support Staff and the Student Wellbeing Team, including the Guidance Officer, to deliver assistance where needed.
There is great partnership between to school Chaplaincy Committee and its local supporters such as local churches, businesses and community organisations.  Our Chaplaincy program assists and supports families in need at times of crisis.

As usual, we boast an amazing number of people who volunteer their time every year to help out in fundraising and chaplaincy events at the school.

Getting to know our chaplain:

  • ​Mr Rob was born is S.A. Raised in Brisbane and has lived on the Gold Coast since 1994
  • He feels strongly about healthy relationships and community, he is family man with 2 grown children and two Disabled men that are cared for by himself and his wife
  • Rob is keen on sports and music
  • He has worked with in disability , youth and Counselling fields for close to 30 years
  • Mr. Rob is trained in programs Rock and Water and Drumbeat.
  • A​nyone who knows Mr. Rob will agree he loves to back himself in school activities like Handball, Ping Pong, Footy and Uno.

The last word from our chaplain:

I have been the Elanora School Chaplain since August 2022. My role within the school consists of social, emotional and spiritual support for students, staff and families.  As the school Chaplain I offer opportunities and support for students by providing a listening ear, caring presence and message of hope.  I collaborated with our student welfare department and also our guidance officer.  I support student through  such tings as confusing relationships , peer pressure, self-esteem issues, family breakdowns, depression, bullying and abuse. Spiritual support consists of supporting and encouraging students with whatever their passion may be.  These things can be faith, sport, music, science or secular interests that they are passionate about. I also assist families with the school community who are dealing with everyday circumstances by connecting them with the local community businesses and support networks.



Last reviewed 04 May 2023
Last updated 04 May 2023